Friday, July 21, 2006

The Bowflex Granny

Have a few seconds to kill so I thought I would explain this Bowlfex Granny thing. Jase is quite easily distracted by the T.V. Often in the early evening he lies with us on our bed and while we catch up Jase plays with his toys T.V.
For a few weeks now we have noticed that there are a couple of adds that instantly gets J's attention. He will stop what he is doing and watch them intently, or laugh and giggle through them every time. The Bowflex granny add is one of them. So's the one with all the alarm sounds you can get for your mobile. Its weird, and I thought I was imagining it at first, but Chris has noticed it to. Chris is also pleased in his sons appreciation of the 'hot Granny', but we both hope he ends up with someone just a little closer to his age :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gosh darn it I still cant figure out this formatting thing. Anyway - I finally downloaded about a million pics of the camera, so here are some taken just a few days ago.

I also finally found the courage to loosen one apron string and let J move into his own room at last. He loves it, Chris loves it...its only me that kinda misses him, even though hes only in the next room. We have had one small breakthrough, usually anywhere from 4.00am onwards Jase will through a wobbly and end up in bed with us. Last night he stayed in his own bed till we got him at 8.00am. WOW! We will continue with this new development, mainly because he can grizzle and shout in his own room now with disturbing our sleep. Well, I wouldnt sleep, but at least it wont be right in my ear!

There is no theme to these pics, they just happen to be the ones I successfully uploaded after three attempts, with different pics selected each time.


Wheres my cuppa tea dad???

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Im not going to tell you all what this entry is about in case i cant do it. Just read and see :)

This is one of my faverites, such a look of resigned bewilderment! About 5 months old and in the early days of solids. Pumpkin and carrot was and still is his faverite. Lambs fry makes him vomit. A perfectly reasonable responce if you ask me.

I love this one of J (also at 5 months) resting against his Dads knee just because he looks like the most exquisit and beautiful little pound puppy. SO CUTE!!!!!

Such a fabulously beautiful little boy! If only he could go more than five hours without food and would sleep through the night! He is now 7 months old and still wakes for feeds at midnight and 3.00am. Still, I am of the belief that he should be given time to sort it out himself. Having said that...the plunket nurse and I are developing a plan to get him to sleep through the night at 9 months if he still isnt doing it!!

J's birth went a bit pear shaped, after a day and a half in labour - with no pain killers cept some gas thankyou very much!!! - we ended up having an unplanned C-section cause he just refused to budge. Once we left the birthing centre to go the hospital after the midwife said something was wrong we got an epidural so I could rest. I wouldnt call it resting, but it sure was an improvement!!! Chris was a true champion. Didnt even leave my side to eat - the midwives brought him food.

In the maternity ward I thought my 'war story' was pretty impressive until I met my first fellow inmate (you have to stay 5 days after a c-section - 5 DAYS!!!). She lost nearly all of her blood and her baby and was rushed to hospital in a helicopter.

Every one was safe in the end but it just goes to show how far some people will go to show you up :)

Jasons Gallery - the first seven months

Unfortunatley I have only just discovered blogging and have no idea what i am doing so bare with me through all the errors, empty posts and references to pictures that probably arent there. That was an apology in advance.
Anyhow, Jase is seven months old now, and hopefully what you will see below is a collection of J's photos from about 5 months on. We didnt have digital camera prior to that, so to see those photos you will have to come to our house and see the album. Bring cake.
Oh, ok. You will not see below a collection of J's photos...but just above and to the left there is a LOVELY photo of him at 6 months, eagerly waiting for the flash. You cant take action shots of him anymore cause when ever he sees the camera he gets all excited and either reaches for it or looks directly at it waiting for the light! Clever bugga!!