Monday, February 26, 2007


We went to Plunket today. Our little monster - who will be 15 months in a couple of days (O.M.G!) weighs just under 12 kilos. He hasn't had a significant weight gain in months, which is great because it really did need to even out a little! Hes still a little porker though!!
Jo (the Plunket nurse) said that she wouldnt be suprised if J was one of those babies who doesnt walk until around 18 months - apparently there seems to be a group of babies on the latter end of the development scale that start walking around that time, so we will see.
We were sitting there talking away about how Chris and I joke about J being the least advanced baby in the world (apparently everyone else's baby's are composing symphonies and running marathons at this age ;) when Jo commented that Jason was very advanced with his talking.
I nearly fell of my chair!!!!!! Apparently his mimicing of talking sounds is beyond his developmental age. YAY!!!! I was so suprised to thear Jasons name and the word advanced in the same sentance (except of course regarding his fantastic looks!) I rang Chris to tell him as soon as Jase went down for his nap - needless to say he was just as suprised and pleased as me.
So there we go - all is well in our world, although it wasnt at 3.00 this morning. J chose last night to throw one of his once fortnightly wobblies that cant be calmed for love nor money nor Greenie. So we are all pretty exhausted this morning, and now that J is sleeping im going to go relax with a cup of tea and a trashy magazine before the little light of my life wakes up and we start all over again!

Monday, February 19, 2007

what a nutter...

our baby is a full on NUT. He did something SO FUNNY the other day I had to write it in here, even though its probably one of those 'you-had-to-be-there' type of things.
I was in the kitchen innocently cooking dinner and i heard Chris and Jase laughing in the lounge. J was laughing like a madman as he usually does, but it was getting REALLY REALLY madmanish, so I went to have a look.
There was J standing up against the couch next to his dad who was lying on it. Jason was sticking his fingers down his throat, gagging (quite violently I might add) and then cracking up about it. Chris was laughing away, basically egging him on. I opened my mouth to stop him, but it was just so funny I burst out laughing too - which really set Jason off! He kept doing it over and over with Chris and I both trying to tell him to stop between gasps for air cos we were laughing so hard. It was so funny! He just kept ramming his fingers down his throat, gagging and then cracking up like a boy on drugs. We despretely wanted to tell him to stop, but I fell on the ground laughing so hard and Chris was in no better shape than me.
Of corse, the inevitable happened, but even throwing up didnt stop him, but thankfully that snapped us out of it and we were able to distract him from his new faverite game. What a nut!!!
I spent a worried day or two thinking he might do it again, simply because he got such positive reinforcement from us (even though we didnt want to!) but thankfully it seems to have been a once off.
Other than that our little boy is doing well. He uses furniture and walls and whatever else he can get to to walk really well now. Hes even able to let go of all support fleetingly while he transfers from one chair to another so he can carry on his journey. I dont know how far away walking is, Ive given up trying to predict these things and i definatley given up getting all worked up about it.
Hes gorgeous as ever and a good natured little boy. Weve been very lucky (touch wood) as far as illnessess and the like go, and other than that whole 'WHY did it take 11 months to sleep through the night thing' hes been a pretty easy baby. Maybe three or four times a week he decides its morning time before 6.00am -which isnt cool, but wadaya-gonna-do?
At the end of this month he will be 15 months old! !!!! OMG!!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

some photos to make up for all that dreary text

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The next milestone?

I have noticed that my posts are getting fewer and further between lately, and ive wondered why. I think the answer is that nothings happening!! NOTHING!!!!
He still seems on the cusp of thinking about walking, but other than using the couch to perform the odd drunken crab-like sideways step theres no new developments.
He still says 'up' regularly, and very definately knows what it means, but isnt really saying anything else. He just prefers to grunt and hiss and spit and yell and laugh like a madman.
He still pretends to cry for fun, he still looks you in the eye and grins while he does something he knows hes not allowed to do, he still cries when i leave him at daycare then gets over it before ive even left the premises and he still throws food across the room to indicate hes finished eating.
If only he werent so cute!!! thats the try to be all stern and tell him 'NO', but he just looks so adorable that its hard. *sigh*. were creating a monster....
He was going for the stereo yesterday and Chris told him no, and when J looked at him with his offending hand reaching for the stereo they ended up in a staring match and Chris broke first!! He couldnt help it and burst out laughing, which of corse reinforced to J thats its all just a bit of a joke.
Oh its not that bad really - he's pretty good about stopping the undesirable behaviour, at least for thirty seconds anyway :)