Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our boys on the move!!!!!!

Oh HORAY-BLOODY-YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasons a-nearly-a-walkin!!!!!!!!!
For the last few weeks he's been quite happily taking the odd step here and there, sometimes as many as 8 steps in a row without holding on to anything for support, and believe me thats been enough to get Chris and I jumping up and down and yahooing all over the show with excitement. But now, in the last two days or so hes really going for gold!!! He can walk from the door to the couch or halfway down the hall all by himself!!! Chris and I nearly lose our nana everytime he does it LOL, and that makes J gets all excited, he KNOWS hes doing something really cool and so hes walking and were all making noise and Jason's doing his little demon face and its just so bloody marvelous I could pop!!!
ahhh. Crikey we got a great little boy :)
and as followers of Jasons progress know, he's not one of those mega advanced babies that do algebra for fun instead of watching Blues Clues (jason LOVES Blues Clues!!), so its always nice to hear about his many wonderful strengths. The other day when i picked up J from daycare the head teacher told me that Jase is one of the best communicaters (code for stroppy??LOL) shes seen in his age group. Apparently he talks more than most his age and has a larger vocab of sounds. Awww....hes just perfect. i wish you could all come and spend the day with him so you could all bask in his reflected glory (hehehe).
So things are ticking on nicely - hes yabbering away and although hes definatley still a crawler, full time walking aint that far away. Chris is busy building and installing gates and security doors and I'm just running around picking sh*t up and doing laundry. That degree sure came in handy huh? wouldnt trade my life for anyones, but I wouldnt mind looking a little more like Angelina Jolie.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why oh Why oh WHY??!!!!

Dear Good Lord will somenbody PLEASE tell my why my son will not stop headbutting things????
He headbutts when hes happy, mad, sad, bored and every other emotion and situation you can think of. We have stopped reacting to it and its definately abated somewhat. But if you tell him 'no', or growel at him he will headbutt the floor so hard it makes ya wince.
I know its quite normal for boys to go through the headbutting phase, but crikey I hope he outgrows it soon. Chris is having to build a wooden guard to go around the hearth of the fire place, because with winter coming up we cant continue to leave a protective blanket over it, and if we leave it uncovered Jason may actually kill himself the next time he headbutts it!!
Some people heave told us we should just leave it uncovered, and J will 'only do it once' - meaning headbutting the hearth. But the thing is he wont only do it once. I know my child and he will do it many many many times! And I dont want him to knock out all his teeth in the process....although it would help with the biting issue.... ;)
only kidding - the bitings pretty much under control now. its the hitting, scratching and headbutting we're working on now.
Oh - he sounds like a demon!!! Hes not - hes adorable. hes just a boy thats all ;)