Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chinese Privet

This post doesn't feature Jason or Matthew, so in that regard it's a bit of a false advertisement, but might as well make this a public service announcement - brought to you by the letters J & M.  

^ above is a dried snippet of a weed from Chris & family's property.  I had it identified & it's definitely Chinese privet.

See .pdf below for information.  Key quotes:
"Privet is a highly invasive
pest plant."

"The pollen and scent from privet
may also contribute to allergies
such as hay fever and asthma
although this has not been
clinically proven."

"Control Method - Stump swabbing
Cut plant off about 50 mm
above ground level. Apply
herbicide mixtures to top and
sides of the stump"

Hope that helps.

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Auntie & Unicles Visit Matthew & Jas

We all missed Auntie Ali & Noel during Christmas, and they missed us - in particular Matthew and Jas.   So it was only fitting to arrange a post New Years visit - after all Christmas and birthdays shouldn't be the only time you catch up with family.

Chris & Shellie put on an awesome spread for us - including the chocolate cake in the vid below.  

Jason entertained us with the 'bad boys' song he has learn.  It ends something like - "mum going to give you no cake".  

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