Friday, December 29, 2006

Well its been a while now hasnt it???!

So sorry I havent updated in so long! There are two reasons...firstly, I was waiting until our broadband came back so I could upload some pics, but its still a few days away - so I will post them in the new year, and secondly - we have just been to busy!!

Lets see now, we'll start with daycare. Thats been a bit of a hit and miss really. we went three times a week for two weeks, and I stayed for every session. Jason FREAKS if I even LOOK in the other direction, let alone go for the door! Its weird - cos when we're out and about he loves new people and places, but for some reason daycare wigs him out. Either hes a bit psychic and knows its an 'abandon babies place', or all the other kids and the noise puts him off. Im betting its option b. Anyway, daycare starts back up on the 8th of december, and I think im just going to have to bite the bullet and leave him there. I thought it should have been done last week, but daycare thought there was no point as a two week break was about to start. Fair'nough I suppose.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! J's first proper Christmas since his last one happened when he was only four weeks old. (incidently, Christmas day was Jasons due date - thank goodness he was nearly a month early! (and still managed to come in at 3.5 kilos!!!!). So anyway, Christmas was a bit of a bust. Both Chris and J had terrible headcolds, although J put on a brave face and still managed to charm the whole family. We suffered for it on the drive home though...he screamed half way from Rotorua to Putaruru.

And now were approaching New Years and its still the same story. Both Chris and J have terrible headcolds, although I took J to the Doc today and his lungs, ears, throat and temp are all fine. Hes basically just a big snot ball with periodic crankiness. We're still umming and arring about whether or not we should go to the Mount for new years. We might just stay home until both J and Chris are fully mended....and today my throat started to hurt :(

Oh well - there are many with far worse ailments! This Christmas we thank God for our beautiful, charming, clever and gorgeous son, our lovely little house and each other.

Oh yeah, theres been an exciting development!!! Jason has been saying Muma, dada and bubba for a while now, but we dont count them as words cos he doesnt know what they mean, and all babies learn these basic sounds first. BUT, the day before yesterday he very clearly said 'up'. I know he doesnt know what it means, but out of all the sounds he makes, this is the only one that is unmistakenly an actual english word!!!! Hes been saying 'up' heaps since the first utterance and everytime he does i pick him up and say 'up' as well. Also, when I lift him for any reason I say it. We'll have him understanding in no time! There are actually several words that Jason clearly does understand.
He understands that Jason, J and baby all mean 'hey you!'.
He knows that 'bottle' means milk and 'juice' means 'wanna drink'?
He knows daddy is daddys name, and he knows that 'wheres daddy'? means Dads home! lets run to the garage to meet him!
Im pretty sure he understands 'toast', 'cuddle' and he definately understands 'No'!

I cant wait for him to start speaking in complete sentances. So many times throughout the day he flashes you this incrediably cheeky grin and I would LOVE to know what hes thinking when he smiles like that. I think hes going to have a great sense of humour. Sometimes he gives this really slow grin and looks you dead in the eye, as though hes laughing at an in joke the two of you have. That grin usually happens at night after hes thrown a wobbly and hes calmed down enough to appreciate you being there. My mother says its a victory smile cos hes just gotten his own way. Shes probably right!! LOL

He also has two new teeth popping through, one on the top on the right side, and one on the bottom on the left side. that makes 10 teeth in total - which is great, cos its nice to have teeth, but its also bad, cos he LOVES to bite. And he bites with no warning, it just comes out of the blue. he bit his dads upper arm while we were in the Warehouse yesterday. Poor guy nearly shout 'F**K' at the top of his lungs in the middle of the shop! We are doing our best to discourage the biting, but its early days yet.

OK, ive rambled enough. The next post will be nothing but pictures to make up for it, I promise!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006


OOoooo!!!! Jason goes to daycare in 2 and a bit hours!!!!!! crikey crikey CRIKEY!!!!!
even though im staying with him for the days session, im still nervous for us both!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

A quick little note...

Jason has been enrolled in daycare!!!!!! He starts this Monday, and will be going Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1.00pm till 3.00pm.


Weve been talking about it for ages, and I knew it was something that had to happen soon just because J is at that age where he really needs to not only start interacting with other kids, but also understand that Mummy can be with him, or away from him - yet the world continues to turn!

So we went today for a little visit, so we could both check the place out, again, and I gotta say my little boy did us proud. He was a little cautious, but for the most part he grinned like a nut and crawled in his stompy little way all over the place like he owned it. He was confident in how he interacted with the staff and was really really into the other kids - one little blond girl in particular - he kept trying to touch her face and grab her hair - his Dad WILL be proud!!!!

On Monday I will stay for the whole session, and probably on Wednesday as well, but judging from his manner today I dont think it will be long before hes able to cope with being left there so I can come home and clean windows, fold laundry - you know...all that exciting and fun stuff that non working Mums do when they chuck their kids in day-care!!!

But oh, how I will MISS HIM!!!!!! At one point I made a point of dissapearing from his view so i could watch him play next to the other children and with the staff, and he looked so little and vulnerable and beautiful I had to wipe a bit of a tear away!!! I just HATE the tought of missing out on one of his smiles, or a laugh - or heaven forbid - what if his first word or first step happens at day-care???!!!!! ARGH!!!!! I wonder if its to late to withdraw his application???? Ahhhh...but no. Its not about me - its about Jason. And he really really loved being there. And im sure it wont take long for me to find something to do other than clean during those two whole hours of freedom three times a week.

ok - these pics are gorgeous, even if they do high light some questionable nutritional choices. i blame his father entirely.

Crikey Burger Rings are good dad!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

look what my baby can do!

This morning Jase learned a new trick. He crawled over to the fire place, pulled himself up to a near standing position and opened the fire place door!!! Clever little boy!

This afternoon I managed to get some action photos of him reliving the experience, so here they are!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Our baby's not a baby anymore!!!!

Our little boy is one year old!!!! I guess that officially makes him a toddler, yes? He doesnt even look like a baby anymore, hes really strating to look like a proper little boy. Well, hes started to look like that ever since his neck finally made an appearance, but you know what I mean.
On his actual birthday nothing much really happened, except for me singing happy birthday A HELL OF A LOT, because we had arranged the party for the following day, cos a Friday is just easier for everyone. So, the Friday came around and we had a lovely evening. In attendance was every body in Chris's family and my parents, my niece and her Dad. The weather held out for our BBQ celebrations and although the cake I baked and lovingly decorated was a little lopsided, all who braved it agreed that it was quite edible.
Jase was on fine form for most of the evening, but after a whiile the strain began to show. This was most apparent by the tears and wails every time someone gave him a new toy!!! Jase is always like that with new toys though - they freak him out until he feels comfortable with them and then he starts to explore...funny wee guy! Unless of course you give him anything from a kitchen cupboard. Then hes right into it.
One mishap did happen though - Chris swears he took some really great photos of J, but after examining our camera and nearly pulling it apart looking for the damn things we can only conclude he took said great photos on someone elses camera!!! Oh well - im sure well get to see them eventually!!!!
Well - our little boys on the way to manhood now. Hes sleeping through the night (HOORAY!!!) and crawling around a million miles an hour. And hes so damn beautiful I want to explode every time I look at him.

Check these pics out...

no - have tried twice and apparently the blog thingymajig is 'unable to complete my request'. will try again tomorrow!!!