Friday, December 08, 2006

A quick little note...

Jason has been enrolled in daycare!!!!!! He starts this Monday, and will be going Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1.00pm till 3.00pm.


Weve been talking about it for ages, and I knew it was something that had to happen soon just because J is at that age where he really needs to not only start interacting with other kids, but also understand that Mummy can be with him, or away from him - yet the world continues to turn!

So we went today for a little visit, so we could both check the place out, again, and I gotta say my little boy did us proud. He was a little cautious, but for the most part he grinned like a nut and crawled in his stompy little way all over the place like he owned it. He was confident in how he interacted with the staff and was really really into the other kids - one little blond girl in particular - he kept trying to touch her face and grab her hair - his Dad WILL be proud!!!!

On Monday I will stay for the whole session, and probably on Wednesday as well, but judging from his manner today I dont think it will be long before hes able to cope with being left there so I can come home and clean windows, fold laundry - you know...all that exciting and fun stuff that non working Mums do when they chuck their kids in day-care!!!

But oh, how I will MISS HIM!!!!!! At one point I made a point of dissapearing from his view so i could watch him play next to the other children and with the staff, and he looked so little and vulnerable and beautiful I had to wipe a bit of a tear away!!! I just HATE the tought of missing out on one of his smiles, or a laugh - or heaven forbid - what if his first word or first step happens at day-care???!!!!! ARGH!!!!! I wonder if its to late to withdraw his application???? Ahhhh...but no. Its not about me - its about Jason. And he really really loved being there. And im sure it wont take long for me to find something to do other than clean during those two whole hours of freedom three times a week.

ok - these pics are gorgeous, even if they do high light some questionable nutritional choices. i blame his father entirely.

Crikey Burger Rings are good dad!


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