Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yay Yay Yay!!!
Well, its finally happened. The day before yesterday Jason started crawling forwards!
WAAHOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He did it in front of his Grandma (Grandma = Chris's Mum / Nana = my Mum) and me in the lounge. First off he did his usual funny little forward shuffle. Then, instead of sitting on his butt like he always does he did a little crawl on the spot - very funny - that had us excited enough, but then his on the spot crawl somehow gained a little momentum, and he was off!!!! I yelled so loud he got a fright and stopped in his tracks! We had to use incentives (keys and things) to get him on the move again after that, but oh so exciting!!! And now this morning hes been crawling all over the show, he even made it to the bookshelf where he proceeded to pull out half a row of books while I looked indulgently on, LOL!

Weve also had tragic drama in the last two days. The day before yesterday, I put him in the centre of the lounge on the floor while I went three steps beyond a dividing wall into the kitchen to get his bottle. In that time he made it to the fireplace on which he very firmly bonked his head - this was before any forward crawling that I knew of, so he probably backward shuffled/rolled there. The lump swelled before my eyes and there was even blood, oh no!!!
I took him down to the Docs just to be on the safe side and he was given the all clear. J was charming and gorgeous, and I dont know if Dr Bridge compliments all the babies, but he was quite impressed with Jase, he commented on his looks and his 'obvious emotional health'. I was very chuffed at that :)

So its been full on the last two days, but what a relief that hes finally on the move, although already it has presented new challanges. But then again, we new that it would so its not as though its coming as a suprise aye??!

Crikey, that hearth is really hard Mum.
Jase and his Dad in the back yard hanging the swing his Nana bought him for his birthday.
Our pasty white boy in the sun :)


At 9 November 2006 at 3:35:00 PM NZDT, Blogger Saffron said...

Sorry bout your bonk on the head Jason and HORRAY about the crawling! You're so clever :) xox


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