Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jump 'N Jive!!!

Jase and I went to our first baby group today. Its called Jump n Jive and its basically about 10 babies and their Mums sitting or walking in a circle singing songs while our babies wonder what they hell we are doing. Jason LOVED it!!! I mean he freaken LOVED it!
He laughed and grinned and couldnt get enough of all the other babies, and then when we started moving to music I thought he was gonna bounce himself out of my arms and head first onto to the floor! I can honestly say Jason was not only the best looking baby there (honest - he really was!) he was also the most animated. Even the older toddlers who could do the actions themselves were just phoning it in! Jason was THERE, heart, mind body and soul!!
The only other thing I noticed was that when it came time to use props, like drumsticks or bells, Jason was the only baby to try and eat his. But I also noticed I was the only Mum of a very young baby to let him hold the props himself - so the others probably looked on enviously while J munched on his drumstick!!!
We also had a new development this morning. you know how I said that he can kinda scootch and shuffle backwards? Well...., this morning we were in the lounge and I went to put some laundry away at the other end of the house. I was gone maybe half a minuete. When I got back Jason was GONE. I had a moment of pure and utter terror until I saw the blinds move, at which point I looked under the dining room table to find my son firmly entrenched under it and shaking the hell out of the blinds. It begins!!!

Yesterday I tried several times to upload some photos and it just wasnt working so well try again, these photos were taken in last two days and this morning. O.K - still not working - is driving me nuts but I will figure out problem and post new pics asap. I promise!


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