Friday, August 25, 2006

Say bye bye to the bottle

We went to Plunket yesterday, and as usual I had a sheet of paper with all my questions listed on it. The plunket nurse says she doesnt mind...
Anyway...Jason is supposed to - from what I read - be doing 600mls a day, but only after hes eaten his solids. Problem is that J loves his solids, and by the time hes done hes not interested in the bottle, so we have been giving him his bottle first - and even then its a struggle to get 500mls in him. So I have ben stressing heaps ('nnnooooo' I hear you gasp. 'You, stressing??? Well yes I have - and dont be a smart arse) about not getting enough formula in him.
So I talked to Jo - the nurse - about it and she basically said that was bullshit and that all I need to do is offer J a bottle twice a day and whatever he does is what ever he does - no stress and not a big deal. HALLAYLOOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since the moment Jase was born we have dilligently, methodically and without exception documented what time he drank, and exactly how many mls he did. For almost 9 months we have been doing this. And last night, I put the record book (his third) away.
It was very liberating, and of course it was lovely to give him his bottle and not worry about how much he managed to get in. Now we give him his bottle at breakfast and he does about 100mls and has another 100 or so in his cereal, and then another bottle after his bath just before bed. Last night was the first time, he did 60 mls, but thats not suprising seeing as he had dinner less than an hour before. And now were doing all sorts of fun things like giving him apple juice and feeding him tinned spaggetti. The apple juice is poisen, but the spaggetti is pretty popular.
And, I had been feeling guilty about giving him choc dairy food, but I compared the sugar content with yogurt and its the same and Plunket confirmed it was a great lunch cos of all the calcuim. Thats good enough for me!!!
Funny how Plunket are great when its what i want to hear aye ;)
The only other update is that I have been inadvertantly dyeing my child yellow. I feed him pumpkin and carrot every dinner, along with mince, and although Chris and I hadnt noticed, it was pointed out to me by the nurse that Jasons nose is turning yellow.


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