Wednesday, August 16, 2006

He sits!!!

Firstly, a quick update on the sleeping through the night thing. Hes not really sleeping through the night yet, but he can go up to 5.00am without waking up. YAY!!!
Weve stopped feeding him at this 'awakening', and if he cant be calmed with a dummy or a stroke of the head I just pop him into bed with us. The earliest I have had to do this was last night, at 4.30am. The latest would be around 6.30am. He stops crying as soon as he's in bed with us and usually goes back to sleep reasonably quickly. Its a solution that is working well for us, and putting him into bed with us is definately better than feeding him.

And now for the good stuff!!!! I took these photos this morning of J sitting up. Hes only been able to do it less than a week, but hes already sitting on his butt like an old pro!


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