Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gosh darn it I still cant figure out this formatting thing. Anyway - I finally downloaded about a million pics of the camera, so here are some taken just a few days ago.

I also finally found the courage to loosen one apron string and let J move into his own room at last. He loves it, Chris loves it...its only me that kinda misses him, even though hes only in the next room. We have had one small breakthrough, usually anywhere from 4.00am onwards Jase will through a wobbly and end up in bed with us. Last night he stayed in his own bed till we got him at 8.00am. WOW! We will continue with this new development, mainly because he can grizzle and shout in his own room now with disturbing our sleep. Well, I wouldnt sleep, but at least it wont be right in my ear!

There is no theme to these pics, they just happen to be the ones I successfully uploaded after three attempts, with different pics selected each time.


Wheres my cuppa tea dad???


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