Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jasons Gallery - the first seven months

Unfortunatley I have only just discovered blogging and have no idea what i am doing so bare with me through all the errors, empty posts and references to pictures that probably arent there. That was an apology in advance.
Anyhow, Jase is seven months old now, and hopefully what you will see below is a collection of J's photos from about 5 months on. We didnt have digital camera prior to that, so to see those photos you will have to come to our house and see the album. Bring cake.
Oh, ok. You will not see below a collection of J's photos...but just above and to the left there is a LOVELY photo of him at 6 months, eagerly waiting for the flash. You cant take action shots of him anymore cause when ever he sees the camera he gets all excited and either reaches for it or looks directly at it waiting for the light! Clever bugga!!


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