Saturday, June 26, 2010

this blog is dead!!!!!

After months - nay, years, of neglect, this blog has died.
Dont fret - it was a natural, organic death. It was simply its time.
But, as with any death, something has come to the fore to fill the gap left by its demise.
try TheShannonBoys
for the latest on Jason and Mattys path of destruction through if not the Waikato, then at least through their poor parents house.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Video: Jason's 4th Birthday

From Jason's 4th Birthday

From Jason's 4th Birthday

From Jason's 4th Birthday

From Jason's 4th Birthday

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chinese Privet

This post doesn't feature Jason or Matthew, so in that regard it's a bit of a false advertisement, but might as well make this a public service announcement - brought to you by the letters J & M.  

^ above is a dried snippet of a weed from Chris & family's property.  I had it identified & it's definitely Chinese privet.

See .pdf below for information.  Key quotes:
"Privet is a highly invasive
pest plant."

"The pollen and scent from privet
may also contribute to allergies
such as hay fever and asthma
although this has not been
clinically proven."

"Control Method - Stump swabbing
Cut plant off about 50 mm
above ground level. Apply
herbicide mixtures to top and
sides of the stump"

Hope that helps.

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Auntie & Unicles Visit Matthew & Jas

We all missed Auntie Ali & Noel during Christmas, and they missed us - in particular Matthew and Jas.   So it was only fitting to arrange a post New Years visit - after all Christmas and birthdays shouldn't be the only time you catch up with family.

Chris & Shellie put on an awesome spread for us - including the chocolate cake in the vid below.  

Jason entertained us with the 'bad boys' song he has learn.  It ends something like - "mum going to give you no cake".  

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Third Birthday Photographs

In addition to the vidoes, I took some old fashion still photographs.  

I've posted a few below.  Follow this link - Clicky - to go to more pictures.  

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Video Starring Matty...

... and co-starring Uncle Nick.  Directing and camera work by Auntie Ali.  Commentary & catchy jingle by Shellie.  

Matthew is about 2 and a bit years younger than Jason.  At 14.5 kilograms he's almost putting his older brother in the shade.  Matthew is a very easy going curious kid - well at least that's the way he seems to me.  Chris & Shellie might beg to differ if they have to tend to him regularly throughout the night.

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Jason's Third Birthday (vid)

Shellie has kindly given me permission to post on Jason and Matthew's blog.  I'm their Uncle Nick.  

I took a few videos using my new phone on Jason's third birthday, & have finally got around to uploading them to the blog.  


This first vid is Jason opening a gift - with assistance from Granddad.  Having just spent Christmas with Jason - he's really got the hang of this whole gift giving thing.  He was ripping into his Christmas presents like a seasoned pro.  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I cant believe it!!!!

Its so strange, Matts 8 months old in just a few days. MY GOD TIME FLYS!!!!!
My little baby aint so little anymore. Hes over 10 kilos, just four less than Jase. hes a little bruiser, every one who sees him comments on his future rugby career, lol. I dont think anyone remembers, but thats what they used to say about Jase as well. Both my boys look as though they have never missed a meal. Jase doesnt seem to have grown any taller in quite some time. Still short and stocky :) Mattys a little taller than Jase was at this age, but Matt was a little bigger coming out of the oven to start with.
I remember in a way earlier post I mentioned all the nicknames we had for Jase. heres what we call matty.
Mathew (very occasioanlly)
Fat Mat
Fatty fatty McMatty
fatboy (to be fair, we call them both that, but mainly matt)

im sure there are others but i cant think of them right now.
matts not sleeping through the night anymore. he wakes around four for a bottle most nights. my mother reakons we trained him too, and shes probably right, but we dont mind to much.
and finally matty has one tooth that has popped through, on the bottom. we call it 'old chomper'.
all in all matts fantastic. always happy and freakon cute.
next post will be all about jason, who gets more adorable and destructive every day. matts on my lap and im tired of typing one handed ; ) so i shall leave you now.

Monday, September 08, 2008

we're teething AGAIN

As I type this I am shattered. Matt's teething. Its 'orrible.
Our normally calm, happy, cries maybe once a day little boy is a screamming non sleeping sad little puppy.
I need a nap.

And jasons just a sweetheart. Perfect little boy :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

pictures pictures :)

im pretty sure these ages range from three months to five

more pictures :)

the top three are matty somewhere between two and three months old. The bottom one is of Matt and Jase when Matt was about four months old.
again with the aaawwwwsssss!


The top one is of Matty the day after he was born, aaawwwww, and the second one is five days later when we finally got him home, another aaawwwww :)