Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Third Birthday Photographs

In addition to the vidoes, I took some old fashion still photographs.  

I've posted a few below.  Follow this link - Clicky - to go to more pictures.  

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Video Starring Matty...

... and co-starring Uncle Nick.  Directing and camera work by Auntie Ali.  Commentary & catchy jingle by Shellie.  

Matthew is about 2 and a bit years younger than Jason.  At 14.5 kilograms he's almost putting his older brother in the shade.  Matthew is a very easy going curious kid - well at least that's the way he seems to me.  Chris & Shellie might beg to differ if they have to tend to him regularly throughout the night.

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Jason's Third Birthday (vid)

Shellie has kindly given me permission to post on Jason and Matthew's blog.  I'm their Uncle Nick.  

I took a few videos using my new phone on Jason's third birthday, & have finally got around to uploading them to the blog.  


This first vid is Jason opening a gift - with assistance from Granddad.  Having just spent Christmas with Jason - he's really got the hang of this whole gift giving thing.  He was ripping into his Christmas presents like a seasoned pro.  

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