Friday, May 11, 2007

just a wee update...

we are all sick :(

Jason and I both have colds, and I had a vomiting bug for half a day over the weekend and now its hit poor Chris like a tonn of bricks and hes into his second day on the couch :(
poor guy, he threw up so much I had to go look for his sphinxter.
Jasons doing great, apart from his cold which has ment that we have missed out on daycare, music and playgroup this week :(
Hes developed a new habit, which although cute is also driving me crazy. he will grab a book, and throw it your face until you read it. Hes always done that, but not with as much understanding as he seems to have developed recently. He will also start shouting at you from one end of the house, and then when you get there hes holding a book out demanding that you read it. When you do take it from him and read it he gets so excited you worry he might pop!!
Yesterday he was shouting at me from his room, and I refused to go to him so I just shouted back, eventually he came to me with a book in his hand - then he thrust it at me and grunted for me to read it. I still refused cos he just looked so cute, then he grabbed my hand and jammed the book in it!!! Damn that was cute!!! Bit worried about his demanding ways though....
The other neat thing is that he has very definate ideas about which book hes in the mood for. Its so exciting to watch develop his tastes and act on them.
I know this post is really boreing, but its all stuff I want to remember when hes all big and grown, so tough!
The other thing hes doing is getting really annoyed with his Thomas the tank Engine ride on. he tries to get on but he gets stuck, and he tries to push it around but gets really upset when he crashes into a wall or cant turn a corner - then he screams and yells and then inevitably he head butts something. Im actually thinking of taking it off him till hes big enough to play with it the way he wants to.
So were all ill but good. Hoping next week will be better!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As of April 27th 2007 Jason is a full time walker!!!!

Oh Super-Yay!!!!!! It was so funny and weird the way it happened. Things were just the same as my last post - just a few steps at a time or so, until that fateful day which will now live on in history, when he just got up that morning, walked, and never sat back down!!!
he went to daycare that afternoon and when I picked him up they told me he had been walking around the whole time, even up and down the ramp outside - I couldnt believe it. Then when we got home he still kept on walking around like he'd been doing it his whole life.
funny boy!!!!
Now he only crawls when hes tired or in a major hurry. Hes the cutest little walker, he kicks his feet out so it looks like hes got a permenant wedgie hes trying to dislodge without using his hands. We were at the DRs. yesterday getting his shots (we both cried) and there were a group of us Mums waiting to go in and they all commented on his funny little stompy walk :)
So everythings going GREAT here. we had playgroup this morning, and daycare this afternoon, and Mainly Music tomorrow in Tirau. Such a good life!!! :)

oh - and the cutest thing is now that he has his hands free while on the move he grabs Greenie by the fin or eyeball and drags him around the house with him. Ive been trying to get a photo of J walking off 'into the sunset' dragging Greenie behind him, but it just aint workin