Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Changing times...

OK - so we havent posted a blog in a while because i have gotten so frustrated with this stupid programme or what ever the hell it is that I have wanted to explode everytime I log in. The main problem has been uploading photos. I spend half an hour getting the whole thing going, and then the computer tells me there there and every time they are not. AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

So anyway - I have calmed down and were ready to try again :)

Our little boy has learned some very cool new tricks. His backwards 'scootching' is coming along nicely, and now he has learned to pivet on his belly, so when he wants to change direction he just stops, lies flat on his stomach, uses his arms to propell around to face the direction he wants, then he gets back up and heads off. WOW!!! Of corse that all sounds very efficient when typed, but in reality the whole process takes a while and is very comical. Georgeous.

The other thing he has learned is so exciting. He did it for the first time the other day. We put him down for a nap and as usual he called out after a few minetes- usually becasue hes gotten his legs stuck through the bars of his cot or his head has crashed into the head of the bed - so imagine our suprise to go in there and find him SITTING UP IN BED!!!!

So proud! Jason can now get from lying down to sitting up on his own, and he looks pleased as punch every time he does it too!

Hes just getting more gorgeous and charming every day. We have put his jolly jumper in the middle of the lounge now, and his faverite thing is to bounce away while watching TV and playing with Mummy and Daddy.

The sleeping through the night thing is still a hit and miss, but were coping. We have a new rule that hes not aloud to come to bed with us before 5.00am - for the most part I stick to it ;)

And thats it. Oh wait. He has also started singing - a lot. In fact you cant shut him up! Its really lovely, lots of soft little ooohhhs and aahhhs, very melodic. Chris especially loves it, and they end up 'singing' to each other quite a bit. Its funny because neither Chris nor I can carry a tune to save ourselves, so if it turns out that Jase can sing it'll be a miracle!

O.K - for the tenth time, I'm going to try and post some photos. If it doesnt work I may top myself due to extreme frustration. Wish me luck!

G'day Mum!!!!!

Seeya, I'm off!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jump 'N Jive!!!

Jase and I went to our first baby group today. Its called Jump n Jive and its basically about 10 babies and their Mums sitting or walking in a circle singing songs while our babies wonder what they hell we are doing. Jason LOVED it!!! I mean he freaken LOVED it!
He laughed and grinned and couldnt get enough of all the other babies, and then when we started moving to music I thought he was gonna bounce himself out of my arms and head first onto to the floor! I can honestly say Jason was not only the best looking baby there (honest - he really was!) he was also the most animated. Even the older toddlers who could do the actions themselves were just phoning it in! Jason was THERE, heart, mind body and soul!!
The only other thing I noticed was that when it came time to use props, like drumsticks or bells, Jason was the only baby to try and eat his. But I also noticed I was the only Mum of a very young baby to let him hold the props himself - so the others probably looked on enviously while J munched on his drumstick!!!
We also had a new development this morning. you know how I said that he can kinda scootch and shuffle backwards? Well...., this morning we were in the lounge and I went to put some laundry away at the other end of the house. I was gone maybe half a minuete. When I got back Jason was GONE. I had a moment of pure and utter terror until I saw the blinds move, at which point I looked under the dining room table to find my son firmly entrenched under it and shaking the hell out of the blinds. It begins!!!

Yesterday I tried several times to upload some photos and it just wasnt working so well try again, these photos were taken in last two days and this morning. O.K - still not working - is driving me nuts but I will figure out problem and post new pics asap. I promise!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hello everybody!!!

Well I think its been about two weeks since our last post - which is the longest weve ever left it. Dont know why, just stuff has gotten in the way lately and Im only now able to make the time to update his blog. So lets seee, what been happening?
Well, Jason is the proud owner of 6 teeth - three on the bottom and three on the top. He likes to grind them which is nice. Not. It is cute when he does it though cos in order to grind them he has to align them first, which results in a rather odd but very gorgeous facial expression.
Sometime ago I was convinced he was just seconds away from crawling cos he can shuffle backwards. Well, hes still just shuffling backwards- no forward motion just yet - but he'll get there! We've tried enticing him by placing faverite toys just outta reach, but after either rocking back and forward on his hands and knees, or just lying on his belly flapping his arms ( ???!!!) he gives up - so that aint working either.
What else is happening....? Um...
Oh yeah, weve stopped him coming to bed with us in the night cos he just started to get to disruptive and Chris has to work and needs his sleep - and to be honest, with Jason grizzling, tossing and turning and doing his best to sleep on my shoulder, I wasnt getting much sleep either! Its a shame because I really liked having my little boy sleeping next to me, but while it was originally a solution to J's sleep problems, it isnt anymore and something else had to be done. So now Im up with him anywhere from once to about three times in the night calming him down so he can get back to sleep. I dont think hes doing to badly - usually he goes back to sleep within about 5 minetes. The longest I have had to stay with him is 30. But hes getting better and thats alll we can hope for really.
And I think thats about all thats going on. Very boreing stuff for anyone checking up on his progress, but lovely to me! Oh, there is something else. Jason is quite a talker when he feels like it - usually in the morning and evening, hes very quiet just after a nap - hes a slow waker like his father - but for some reason theres something about the supermarket that just excites the hell out of him. The supermarket staff all know him well now, cos we're in there everyday buying milk or whatever, and J just yells his nut of the entire time. Were marching through the isles, and hes just going nuts at the shelves and other shoppers. Its damn cute. I have no idea what hes on about but its very important to him cos hes often quite animated and his 'speach' can get very earnest and hurried. He had a full on conversation with one woman the other day. She spoke, then he did and they went back and forth for about 2 minetes. It was very funny and odd.