Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Changing times...

OK - so we havent posted a blog in a while because i have gotten so frustrated with this stupid programme or what ever the hell it is that I have wanted to explode everytime I log in. The main problem has been uploading photos. I spend half an hour getting the whole thing going, and then the computer tells me there there and every time they are not. AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

So anyway - I have calmed down and were ready to try again :)

Our little boy has learned some very cool new tricks. His backwards 'scootching' is coming along nicely, and now he has learned to pivet on his belly, so when he wants to change direction he just stops, lies flat on his stomach, uses his arms to propell around to face the direction he wants, then he gets back up and heads off. WOW!!! Of corse that all sounds very efficient when typed, but in reality the whole process takes a while and is very comical. Georgeous.

The other thing he has learned is so exciting. He did it for the first time the other day. We put him down for a nap and as usual he called out after a few minetes- usually becasue hes gotten his legs stuck through the bars of his cot or his head has crashed into the head of the bed - so imagine our suprise to go in there and find him SITTING UP IN BED!!!!

So proud! Jason can now get from lying down to sitting up on his own, and he looks pleased as punch every time he does it too!

Hes just getting more gorgeous and charming every day. We have put his jolly jumper in the middle of the lounge now, and his faverite thing is to bounce away while watching TV and playing with Mummy and Daddy.

The sleeping through the night thing is still a hit and miss, but were coping. We have a new rule that hes not aloud to come to bed with us before 5.00am - for the most part I stick to it ;)

And thats it. Oh wait. He has also started singing - a lot. In fact you cant shut him up! Its really lovely, lots of soft little ooohhhs and aahhhs, very melodic. Chris especially loves it, and they end up 'singing' to each other quite a bit. Its funny because neither Chris nor I can carry a tune to save ourselves, so if it turns out that Jase can sing it'll be a miracle!

O.K - for the tenth time, I'm going to try and post some photos. If it doesnt work I may top myself due to extreme frustration. Wish me luck!

G'day Mum!!!!!

Seeya, I'm off!


At 24 October 2006 at 2:47:00 PM NZDT, Blogger Saffron said...

Yay - awesome to read all's well with you Jason! Gorgeous photos!!! What a lovely big grin :)


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