Monday, September 18, 2006

our poor little boy...

Jason has his first proper illness. Hes had the sniffles before, but as of 2.30am Friday morning he has been properly sick. Our poor baby has been vomiting and suffering what can only be described as explosive diarrhoea (had to look that one up) for nearly three days. Well, the vomiting stopped yesterday about mid-day, but the other end is on high alert.
Hes grizzly, listless and has only eaten two table spoons of spaghetti and 100mls of formula since Friday. Hes a star though cos hes trying to smile and hes not wollowing in it at all. If you try to distract him he does his best to let you succeed. Poor little guy's been on Pamol, an anti-vomiting solution and a special re-hydration drink since Saturday and it absolutly breaks my heart. We finally got to the doctor this morning - their not in good supply in the country during the weekend although we did talk to one on the phone on Saturday - as well as the Well Child Hotline - FLUCK they are USELESS. But anyway...
Hes either got a tummy bug or maybe Campha labacta (have NO idea on the spelling) but neither are serious. The only thing that might turn nasty is if he gets dehydrated but we have been combating that quite well with Pediolyte. For most of Saturday afternoon I was feeding him 10mls of the stuff from a syringe every ten minutes. Now hes drinking it from his bottle nearly every time I offer it to him which would be about 4 or 5 times an hour I would guess.
Its so heartbreaking! The worst is not when hes crying or grizzly or vomiting or whatever - the worst is when hes absolutly quiet and looks up at you with his big sad blue eyes, and no matter what you do he just wont smile. I really really really miss my little boys smile.
Well, hes finally having a nap - the routine is out the window for now - and I guess I better do some more laundry before he wakes. He has vomited or pooed on nearly every thing he and I both own - and definatley every pair of pj's we both have. Poor little boy!!!


At 18 September 2006 at 1:40:00 pm NZST, Blogger Saffron said...

Oh no! Poor Jason!!! That's horrible :( Hope you get better real soon little boy. xox


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