Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tragedy of the boy child

My poor little boy has had a rough few days. Hes his usual fabulous self most of the time, but his 'bad' times are little worse, and harder on him, just of late. I think its probably due to a few reasons. Firstly, his cheeks are fire engine red quite a bit lately so Im guessing he might have a tooth or two on the move. Secondly, I think hes hit a new developmental phase - two of them actually, at the same time. Seperation and stranger anxieties have arrived... so not only does he stress when Chris or I arnt there, he also stresses at whoever is there in our place!! Lucky for him I can count the number of times weve left him with someone on one hand. Well, a hand and a half. And thirdly, I dont know if its part of the teething or hes in a growth spurt or whatever, but when hes tired, hes TIRED. Theres no gradual decline into tiredness, its an immediate state and must be addressed within seconds if we want to avoid our beautiful perfect baby turning into some kind of disgruntled postal worker.

Oh well, good thing hes so damn georgeus!!!! Last night wasnt to successful, we didnt bother with the 11.00pm feed and he woke at four - dont know if two are related - i dont think anyway he came to bed with us and instead of settling straight away as usual, he grizzeled til breakfast. The only times i got him to be quiet was when he slept on my chest. Tis very hard to sleep with a 10.5kg weight on your chest. I am tired today. And maybe a little bruised.

Last night we were on our own cos my beautiful hubby (in spirit if not in law :) plays squash on Wednesdays. We were out of bibs cos the ones on the hot water cylinder hadnt dried yet so at dinner Jason was a mess. He was also cranky, grizzly and generally unco-operative. I decided to take a photo for posterity and as usual, as soon as he saw the camera he turned on the charm!

Mummy says Im a messy monkey, but I prefer to call it artistic.

Sometimes for dinner all i get is this lousy wooden spoon. I think Mummies trying to cut down on laundry...


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