Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well wadda-ya know!

Am very excited!! Would be more excited, but too tired.


Well, close enough to through the night anyway. Had his last bottle at 10.30pm, and only did 85mls so we were sure he would wake around 3.00am. Chris and I went to sleep just before midnight, and the next time I woke it was 4.30am!!! Of course, after that I couldnt go back to sleep because I was waiting for him to wake up (which is why I am tired). He did wake at 5.00, I threw his dummy back in and left him to it. He grizzled and moaned for half an hour, and then at 5.30 it turned into real tears. He calmed as soon as I picked him up so i just took him back to bed with us. He ends up in our bed every morning, but rarely before 6.30 or so. (its a wonderful feeling having the whole family in bed - I wish co-sleeping didnt have the bad rap it does in our culture - millions do it around the world. Anyway...) So Jase played with my face and pulled my hair for a while and then went back to sleep. We both woke promptly at 7.00 with him yelling to be fed.

Yay for him. YAY for me!!!

I dont expect this to happen every night -still very early stages, but hes doing well, and as i reduce the amount hes being fed at those 3.00am feeds (when he does wake for them) he should soon learn not to bother.

(we hope!)


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