Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I blogged to soon...

Well the last two nights have been the exact opposite of all that I said before. Both nights he has woken for a 3.30am'ish feed, and then thrown wobblies about 5.00am and ended up in bed with us by 6.00.
I am tired.
But, on a lighter note... J wasnt to happy about going to bed last night. After a few false starts we finally thought he'd gone down when Chris heard a thumping from the other end of the house. Shortly after he'd gone to investigate I heard him laughing from J's room. Iwent in to find Chris chuckling (was going to say giggling - but men dont giggle ;) over J's cot.
There was Jason, who had not only managed to get out from under his blankets, but also flip on to his tummy, get his head where his feet should be and feet at the head. The thumping was Jason happily kicking the wall while he chewed on his blanket.
He was so obviously wired that we got him up for another 15 min and then put him back to bed. That time he went out like a light!


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