Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Im not going to tell you all what this entry is about in case i cant do it. Just read and see :)

This is one of my faverites, such a look of resigned bewilderment! About 5 months old and in the early days of solids. Pumpkin and carrot was and still is his faverite. Lambs fry makes him vomit. A perfectly reasonable responce if you ask me.

I love this one of J (also at 5 months) resting against his Dads knee just because he looks like the most exquisit and beautiful little pound puppy. SO CUTE!!!!!

Such a fabulously beautiful little boy! If only he could go more than five hours without food and would sleep through the night! He is now 7 months old and still wakes for feeds at midnight and 3.00am. Still, I am of the belief that he should be given time to sort it out himself. Having said that...the plunket nurse and I are developing a plan to get him to sleep through the night at 9 months if he still isnt doing it!!

J's birth went a bit pear shaped, after a day and a half in labour - with no pain killers cept some gas thankyou very much!!! - we ended up having an unplanned C-section cause he just refused to budge. Once we left the birthing centre to go the hospital after the midwife said something was wrong we got an epidural so I could rest. I wouldnt call it resting, but it sure was an improvement!!! Chris was a true champion. Didnt even leave my side to eat - the midwives brought him food.

In the maternity ward I thought my 'war story' was pretty impressive until I met my first fellow inmate (you have to stay 5 days after a c-section - 5 DAYS!!!). She lost nearly all of her blood and her baby and was rushed to hospital in a helicopter.

Every one was safe in the end but it just goes to show how far some people will go to show you up :)


At 20 July 2006 at 9:44:00 AM NZST, Blogger Saffron said...

Well done Shellie and Chris!!! Jason's LOVELY! xox


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