Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A quick rant

Do you know what relly annoys the hell out of me? Those baby books everyone gives you when you bring a new baby home. Its not the giving of the book that bugs me, its the book itself.
At first glance their great, all the pages are shiny and theres heaps of great moments and 'first's' for you to document. But then after yourve had the baby for a while you realise they are completley and utterly bloody useless - the book, not the baby. And because it was a gift you cant get rid of it, so you have about 5 of them permenantly stacked on your bookshelf taking up valuable space.
The reason these books are crap is because their is no such thing as The Moment When...
I cant say when Jase started sleeping through the night because its happened gradually with ups and downs, a step forward and then two steps back (he went from 8 till 7 last night without waking even once, except when I woke him at 11.00 for late feed !!). I cant say when his first tooth appeared because a) the bottom two came at the same time, and b) what moment do you use? the first time you saw a hint of them, when the first fraction broke through or when he started biting you with them??? I have no idea what his faverite lullaby is because no matter how many times I ask him he just wont bloody tell me, nor do I know what he thought of his first Christmas.
So there. Thats why those books grate on my nerves, even though their so pretty and look like there going to be a lot of fun filling out. Cos their not.


At 22 August 2006 at 2:01:00 pm NZST, Blogger Saffron said...

hahaha I HATE those books and we don't have one, let alone the five you have! I've always hated them and thought they were stupid for the very reasons that you've stated - also I think it's a way better idea to make one yourself for your baby. Fuck Anne Geddes and her stupid photos of babies in buckets or dressed up as bumble bees - ugh! Oh the reason I went onto Anne Geddes is because I've seen some of "those" books with all her photos throughout them. Those are two things that just piss me off - combined! Ugh.


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