Monday, August 28, 2006

A quick update

Just a quick little note because i wanted it recorded that J's third tooth has popped through. Its on the bottom next to the two others. That explains my cranky potential unibomber baby!

Also, J has hit a new milestone. I was cooking a fortnights worth of baby food on Saturday (what fun!) and I heard J laughing really loudly from our bedroom. I went in and there was Chris putting a cloth nappy over Jasons head. Then Jase ripped it from his head laughiing like a nut. Its now one of his faverite games and its the cutest damn thing you ever saw!
Hes nine months old this week and it still takes my breath away how much I love him, and just thinking about anything happening to him is enough to make me cry. Its a scary kind of love this 'ole parent/child thing.


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