Friday, September 08, 2006

The last couple of days.

A couple of minor firsts in the last two days.
Yesterday was Jase's first haircut. Just the fringe cos we're going for the surfer boy look. He coped very well although he tried to leap into my arms a few times while the hairdresser was doing his thing :)
Also, today he ate his first envelope. Not the whole thing, but on the one bite he did have he managed to get some ink as well as glue. Dont know what Im more concerned about, the glue or the bleach they used to whiten the paper. It was a mission getting the remainder of the envelope of him, and an even bigger one getting the paper out of his mouth, but I managed to distract him by finally letting him get his hands on the digital camera. Dont tell his father!
And lastly, when I put him down for his nap half an hour ago there were the usual assortment of noises coming from his room. I am getting pretty good at knowing which ones to answer, but today I heard a new one. Not upset, but it had a quiet earnest quality about it. So I went in to look and found my son on his side, hard up against the rails of his cot with each entire leg stuck through a different gap in the rails. Of corse I had to laugh, it was damn funny. Im not sure Jason saw the funny side, but Im sure if he could he would have thanked me ;)

Give us a kiss!

some of this envelope is in my tummy!!!


At 8 September 2006 at 4:32:00 pm NZST, Blogger Saffron said...

Nice kiss Jason - you'll be getting all the girls with that look :)


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