Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Glorious glorious days!!!!

My gorgeous little boy only woke twice last night - thats significant because the night before we had the night from hell. FROM HELL.

Now then - I have a plan for todays posting. I want to list all the funny little quirks and habits of Jasons, because I realised the other day that hes changing so fast we are already forgetting some of the funny little things he used to do but has now grown out of. But, before that - we have a new development. Jason kisses!!!!!!!!

When you are holding him, just say kissess, and give him a kiss, and he laughs and then lunges at your face with his mouth wide open. Its extremely cute, sloppy and sometimes painful, because he also loves to bite, and if he gets the right part of your cheek in his mouth its all over Rover.

So, here are some of Jasons little idiosyncracies....

When Chris comes home from work you say to Jase in a real excited voice, 'wheres daddy?', and he immediatly drops his toys, starts flapping his arms like hes tryng to take off and swinging his head from side to side looking for his father. If he doesnt see his Dad within seconds, he starts bawling and is inconsolable till he does see him.

One of his faverite activites is to sit on his dads lap while he plays Super Mario brothers on the computer. He sits there, eyes glued to the screen, and literlly shaking with excitement.

Hes a very slow waker, just like his father. The only way to manage this process without tears is to sit on the couch with him after each nap and read at least 3 or 4 stories to him.

He loves to select his own biscuit from the cookie tin.

He cant see someone wearing a hat without feeling the desperate and urgent need to rip it from their head - for this reason I dont go out without two caps - one for me and one for Jase to pull of my head then chew

He bites. Hard.

He has an unexplainable attraction for phones and remotes. He can spot one at 50 paces and will lunge for it at any oppertunity.

oh - there were so many others i thought of this morning, and now cant remember! oh well - here are some recent photos - taken last week I think.

Why didnt these people give me a bib?

Hey, photo opp!

Bath time !


At 2 November 2006 at 9:07:00 AM NZDT, Blogger Saffron said...

Awesome photos!! Ugh and aren't the sloppy kisses lovely and horrible all at once?! hehe


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