Thursday, November 16, 2006

Its official...

Well, its official. We are raising an absolute nut. A fruitbar. A complete whack-job.
Jason is going through a new phase where he descends into hysterical fits of laughter. I dont just mean he gets the giggles, or has a hearty laugh. I mean he goes of like a madman. If hes in crawling position he laughs so hard he callapses. He gets tears in his eyes. And the funniest little thing will set him off. The other day it was Jacquie shaking her head and making a horsey sound. The other night it was his father flicking hair ties at him. Last night I could hear Jason having one of his fits, upon investigation I found him sitting in the lounge laughing uncontrollably while his father repeatedly bounced a ball of his head, chanting 'your a nut', with every bounce.

Now that Jasons been crawling for a week or so this morning I thought it was time to introduce a few activites designed to build on the skill. So, I built a hill out of the sofa cushions, and did every thing i could to entice jason to climb up it. I put on a puppet show, I jangled jingly toys and placed his faverite things on top of it. To his credit, he really did try to climb up it at first. But of corse it was a little hard being the first time hes ever tried it, and then the clever little bloke realised that he didnt have to climb it at all. By 'standing' on his knees, and streatching his torso, all he had to do was flop onto the mound with his arm outstreatched to reach the toy. Oh well, I reakon I either need to make the mound higher so he has to climb, or make it smaller so that its easier to climb. We'll try both! Yesterday we had a great time outside playing with a bucket of water and dunking leaves and sponges. Today I am going to make some jelly so that tomorrow we can sit on the lawn and smack jelly into the grass and smoosh it in our fingers. I cant wait!!!


At 30 November 2006 at 10:17:00 AM NZDT, Blogger Saffron said...

Happy 1st birthday Jason!!! xox


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