Monday, February 26, 2007


We went to Plunket today. Our little monster - who will be 15 months in a couple of days (O.M.G!) weighs just under 12 kilos. He hasn't had a significant weight gain in months, which is great because it really did need to even out a little! Hes still a little porker though!!
Jo (the Plunket nurse) said that she wouldnt be suprised if J was one of those babies who doesnt walk until around 18 months - apparently there seems to be a group of babies on the latter end of the development scale that start walking around that time, so we will see.
We were sitting there talking away about how Chris and I joke about J being the least advanced baby in the world (apparently everyone else's baby's are composing symphonies and running marathons at this age ;) when Jo commented that Jason was very advanced with his talking.
I nearly fell of my chair!!!!!! Apparently his mimicing of talking sounds is beyond his developmental age. YAY!!!! I was so suprised to thear Jasons name and the word advanced in the same sentance (except of course regarding his fantastic looks!) I rang Chris to tell him as soon as Jase went down for his nap - needless to say he was just as suprised and pleased as me.
So there we go - all is well in our world, although it wasnt at 3.00 this morning. J chose last night to throw one of his once fortnightly wobblies that cant be calmed for love nor money nor Greenie. So we are all pretty exhausted this morning, and now that J is sleeping im going to go relax with a cup of tea and a trashy magazine before the little light of my life wakes up and we start all over again!


At 5 March 2007 at 2:53:00 pm NZDT, Blogger Saffron said...

Yay for you and your talking Jason!!


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