Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just a quickie...

Jase has been pulling himself up on furniture and stuff for a little while now, and hes getting pretty good at it, but today there was a new twist. A few minutes ago I went to check on him after putting him down for a nap, and I found the wee boy in his cot standing up shaking the 'bars'! Very cute!!! Thats the first time that we know of that hes stood up in his cot - just like the babies in the movies!!!
Hes doing really well at the moment, except last night was pretty bad - I ended up sleeping in his room on the floor after every other trick we have until now used successfully had failed :(
Still, on the upside my back felt great this morning :) I might sleep on the floor more often!
The only other bummer is that although Jase has never been a good traveller hes now much much worse. The longest we can take him in the car without any major drama is about half an hour way. And just lately hes developed a new habit...screaming every time the car slows down or stops. Thankfully he only seems to do this in the ute, not in the car. But it makes taking him to shift the cattle impossible. Its very weird and we sincerely hope he grows out of it quickly!!!
other than that hes his usual gorgeous and affectionate self.
Oh - one more thing. On Monday I left him at daycare on his own for the first time. I found it a lot harder than I thought I would. I didnt cry (which everyone said i would), but as I drove away I couldnt breath - I mean I really couldnt breath - it was horrible, I had to really struggle to get any air into my lungs at all. I rang a few times to make sure he was ok - and even rang at 2.30 to ask if they wanted me to pick him up early - but they declined :( LOL!!!
Jackie at daycare held him for most of the two hour session. he threw many wobblies, a couple of tantrums and screamed a lot, but she did say that the calm periods got longer as time went on. Jackie also commented on how observant he seems to be, how much he loves his cuddles and his love of books.
My boy!!!
Its so hard leaving him at daycare, and I think i would be tempted to flag it and keep him home with me, but it just wouldnt be fair to him. He seriously NEEDS to learn how to interact with other people and play with other kids. If I leave it any later hes just gonna find it harder, so now really is the best time.
well, that turned out to be longer than I thought it would be! i'll put some photos up soon to make up for it! And hello to Tracey and Joyce in England - we hope you got the letter we sent, and happy new year!


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