Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The next milestone?

I have noticed that my posts are getting fewer and further between lately, and ive wondered why. I think the answer is that nothings happening!! NOTHING!!!!
He still seems on the cusp of thinking about walking, but other than using the couch to perform the odd drunken crab-like sideways step theres no new developments.
He still says 'up' regularly, and very definately knows what it means, but isnt really saying anything else. He just prefers to grunt and hiss and spit and yell and laugh like a madman.
He still pretends to cry for fun, he still looks you in the eye and grins while he does something he knows hes not allowed to do, he still cries when i leave him at daycare then gets over it before ive even left the premises and he still throws food across the room to indicate hes finished eating.
If only he werent so cute!!! thats the problem...you try to be all stern and tell him 'NO', but he just looks so adorable that its hard. *sigh*. were creating a monster....
He was going for the stereo yesterday and Chris told him no, and when J looked at him with his offending hand reaching for the stereo they ended up in a staring match and Chris broke first!! He couldnt help it and burst out laughing, which of corse reinforced to J thats its all just a bit of a joke.
Oh its not that bad really - he's pretty good about stopping the undesirable behaviour, at least for thirty seconds anyway :)


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