Friday, June 01, 2007

Just Perfect!!!

OK - so I havent posted in a long time. I have no real excuse, just been caught up with cleaning up the boy and after the boy!!
Hes so gorgous and energetic these days!! That nappy brand that calls this stage "Explorers" certainly did their reserch :)
Hes walking and running every where. He loves to stand on things, his Mummy and Daddy's heads mostly. and our backs, and stomachs. He stands on you and then cracks up about it. Hes also SUCH a boy. Yesterday we were playing our faverite game on the bed, where I push him over repeatedly and yell 'Oh, you fell down'!!!, when all of a sudden he just stopped playing and went all wide eyed and rigid while staring at me. Then he did the biggest f*rt I have ever heard. Then he giggled his arse off about it.
Would a girl do that??
Last week we took him with his playgroup to a park in Matamata that has a million fallen and crunchy leaves on the ground. While all the other kids ate their food and played with each other Jason just went crazy. He spent the entire time running around the park, mostly with his arms extended like Superman, yelling "AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" the entire time. He reminded me of that dog in the Chevy Chase movie that you only saw every once in a while running the length of a paddock in the distance. Anne and I ran after him with juice and cheese sticks, but he wasnt terribly interested. He just wanted to run and yell :)

(i just spent ages re-teaching ,myself how to upload pictures (cos I forget every time) and for some reason the computer refuces to co-operate. Will try again soon)

So everything here is great - made even greater by the news that Jase has a little bro or sister on the way. Its going to rock his little world - poor baby!!! His entire life so far has nothing nothing to disprove the theory that he is indeed the centre of the universe. We will have to buy Jase an absolutly AWESOME Christmas present 'from the baby' to pave the way ;)


At 17 July 2007 at 8:27:00 pm NZST, Blogger Saffron said...

So where are these photos you spoke of oh so many weeks ago??? Hhhmmmm??? Hhhhmmmmmm???


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