Friday, March 16, 2007


Aint he the sweetest thing?
Things are all good here. J is still gorgeous and we're all ticking along nicely. Daycare is going well, although I still find it hard to leave him and I still get so very excited when i go to pick him up!
Lately hes started throwing the biggest wobblies in the world in the middle of the night and the way we have always dealt with it was for me to lay down on his floor, which always worked instantly. Well - like all good things it has stopped working. So after a few nights of frustration we hit bottom and decided to just let him cry.
Thats something i have always said I could never ever do - but OMG we were tired! LOL.
So, the other night he screamed like a boy in a torture chamber, and I went in to make sure he was ok then went straight back to bed. I think he was absoltley astounded!!! I went back every 10 minutes or so to let him know I was up with him and felt his pain (literally), but i didnt stay more than 10 seconds or so each time. I expected to be doing that for the next few hours, so imagine my suprise when it worked in just under an hour! Holy F#*#K!! I know all the books say if your gonna go in then stay in for the same amount of time you stayed out (if you know what I mean) and slowly decrease the times. Well, bugger that - I was tired!
Hes thrown a couple of wobblies since that night and weve used the same trick, and last night he only went of his nut for about 2 minutes. If i could spell Halaylooya then this is where i would put it!!!
His cousin Christina gave him a keyboard (the kind with all the drum beats and fancy demo's) a couple of days ago, and he loves it. He bangs on it and gets all excited, but then every time without fail he climbs on board. i dont know if he just wants to feel closer to the music or if hes trying to tell us 'yes, the keyboards very nice but I would have preferred a skateboard'. Thank goodness its a tough little heavy plasticy type thing, but lets be honest, its only a matter of time before he breaks it ;)
Oh oh!! one more thing! Yesterday he did something brand new!!!! He was standing by the couch, holding on with both hands, and I was sitting on the floor out of his reach. He let go of the couch with one hand (he does that all the time) but then he reached for me with that hand!!!! Oh so exciting!!! So I took his hand, he let go of the couch with his other hand and he WALKED to me with me holding both his hands!!!! OMG!!!!!! Now, I know there are a million 10 month old babies walking already - but for J thats fantastic! I was so proud and happy!!!! His talking is comming on nicely as well. Hes so close to properly saying daddy, but at the moment its still coming out either addy or adaddy. He's always talking and yelling a shouting and screaming, and the Plunket nurse is convinced their words, and to be fair they probably are...but still the only word he says clearly is 'up'.
I know im rambling away here and I really should be stopped - but I'll just mention one more thing cos its funny even though it shouldnt be ;)
We went to Toddler time at the library last week (we have been going for a few weeks) and J and I had only been there a few minutes when a really cute and charming 12 month old walked past us. The little boy tripped and fell right in front of Jason. So my son promptly smacked him in the face! Then, as the little boy walked away after being righted by his mother, J mugged him.
Oh dear.


At 22 March 2007 at 2:47:00 PM NZST, Blogger Saffron said...

Firstly - cute photos!

Secondly - yay Shellie for being brave enough to let him cry and work out how to settle himself! That's so good and yay for it not taking long as well :) Nothing harder than listening to your baby scream for hours upon hours upon hours (lord know I know! LOL)

Thirdly - yay Jason for talking steps while holding Mummy's hand. You'll be walking by yourself soon enough!

Fourthly - glad it wasn't my son getting beaten by yours! LOL If it happens though Caelan will get him back once he knows kickboxing! hehe ;)


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